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DP Series Dual Purpose Carbon Cartridges

DP Series Dual Purpose Carbon Cartridges

The Puretec DP Series Dual-Purpose Long-Life cartridges using special RBC material, features the advantage of being suitable for non-chlorinated and chlorinated water. The RBC media has special porosity and surface area filtration characteristics that in effect means flow and pressure restrictions are minimised.

$47.00 GST incl.

The DP's are ideal for rainwater tanks, bores, whole house, polishing filters on reverse osmosis machines, drinking water and many other applications where sediment down to 10 microns, rust, taste, odour, and slight colour removal is required.

Features & Benefits

• Provides sediment filtration and chlorine taste & odour reduction 
• Non-cellulose media resists bacterial attack 
• Suitable for rainwater 
• Pleated for maximum dirt-loading capacity


Ordering Code Size Micron Flow Rate
DP101 63mm (2½”) x 254mm (10”) 10 micron 25 Lpm
DP102 63mm (2½”) x 508mm (20”) 10 micron 50 Lpm
DP10MP1 115mm (4½”) x 254mm (10”) 10 micron 60 Lpm
DP10MP2 115mm (4½”) x 508mm (20”) 10 micron 110 Lpm