At Pumpland we have a fairly simple philosophy – we want you and your families to clean, healthy water and we want it to come out of your taps with minimal stress and minimal fuss. And we want to work with you to make this a reality. We are a 100 % locally owned and operated company here on the Hibiscus Coast, and whilst obviously this is our main area, we service the entire Auckland region, and no job is too big or small for us. Our crew has decades of experience in the water industry, both in the field doing the practical work, and on the retail front as well. Over the years we have established strong relationships with distributors and innovators in the industry, so we are able to supply the very latest in products and technology at prices that are exceptionally competitive. We believe passionately in helping people get the best possible water they can. If you would like to know more about water quality and the hazards present in your domestic and swimming water, you can visit the information section of this website where we have outlined some of the more serious threats untreated water can pose. Or of course you can just drop by the store and have a chat to one of us, and we’ll answer all your water based questions, and provide you with the best options available for your needs.