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We all know that investing a swimming pool is one of the best options anyone can make for lifestyle purposes, and for pure enjoyment.  A swimming pool can improve fitness, provide entertainment, and open up a realm of lush landscaping opportunities to increase the aesthetic and literal value of your home.

However, traditionally pools have required a wide array of synthetic chemicals to keep your water sparkling and bacteria free.  It has been accepted as simply a necessary evil that we must pour litres of harsh products like Calcium Hypochlorite, or add kilograms of potentially dangerous Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate di-hydrate into our pools where our loved ones play and exercise, so that we can fight off the dangerous bacteria that can lurk.  Even the advent of salt chlorination proved to be problematic, because this system produces some very negative by-products that go straight into your pool and into the environment, and because with the amount of salt this system pumps back into our physical landscape, it has been a significant contributor to over salinity in the environment.


Thankfully though this ‘lesser of two evils’ ideology is a thing of the past.  Just like you aim to have healthy water in your home, healthy mineral water is now a possibility in your pool because of the groundbreaking Mineral system, finally available in New Zealand.  By using a patented mix of Magnesium and Potassium crystals in combination with the most cutting edge filtration available on the market today, the Mineral system cleans your water more efficiently than any system available, leaving your pool with zero turbidity and incredible health benefits.


Because the system is based around the use of healthy minerals such as Magnesium and Potassium, you and your family are not soaking in a range of harsh chemicals.  In fact by soaking in Magnesium you are giving your body a tremendous boost.  Most of us are lacking in Magnesium and soaking and swimming in Magnesium water means that your body absorbs this precious mineral that most of us are lacking through the skin.  This is the best possible way to get Magnesium as once your body has enough, it will stop absorbing it, unlike if you take it in pill form which can potentially lead to you taking too much accidentally.


If you are sceptical about pool water having health benefits, then it might pay to read the story of young Ruby, a two year old Australian girl with the affliction Ichthyosis, which leaves her skin barely able to create its own oil.  Unable to do traditional things that kids her age can do like play in the grass, play in a sandpit, or go to the beach, Ruby and her family have found great joy and relief in the fact that not only can she swim, frolic and live like a child in the family Mineral pool, but it even seems to be reducing the amount of oil that the family uses to help ease her condition.  Ruby’s testimony is just one of many rave reviews from people with skin conditions they never deserved, who can find relief through an activity that has traditionally would have been a great aggravator for their conditions.


The system also eliminates the production of trihalomethanes in your pool.  Trihalomethanes are one of the nasty little secrets of chlorine that not many people know about or understand.  Trihalomethanes are born when chlorine reacts with organic matter.  That smell of chlorine when you go to a public pool or relax in your pool with your head above the surface is actually trihalomethanes, which are actually carcinogenic.  The harm they can cause should not be underestimated – German researchers actually found that two hours in inhaling trihalomethanes is roughly the equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes.  So while your lungs might be getting a workout from the exercise you’re giving them in the pool, they’re taking a hammering from what’s being emitted off the water.  The Mineral system does not produce trihalomethanes, so not only will your pool not have that unpleasant and overpowering chlorine odour, but yours and your family’s lungs are being saved from an all assault on them from cacogenic fumes.


The healthiest possible water for your pool is available now.  You do not have to put up with your family having to swim in carcinogenic, chemical laced, unhygienic water.  At Pumpland we are one of the few authorised agents in New Zealand that can make your pool a lush, beautiful, healthy, environmentally friendly, soothing, therapeutic experience thanks to this breakthrough technology.  And we look forward to hopefully working with you in the future to convert your pool into the healthiest pool possible.





Despite increased publicity and awareness about the dangers of bacteria and parasites in our food and beverages over the past two decades, there is still an alarming amount of unfiltered and tainted water going into homes in New Zealand because of fundamental misunderstandings and lack of education about what lies in the water that is pumped into our homes, and then drunk by our families.


Water tanks, whether they are concrete or plastic, are a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and parasites that can not just make you sick but can be potentially lethal. To get to your taps water has to go from the roof, down to the tank, and then through your pump which means that the water your family is about to consume has just crossed a veritable minefield of foliage, animal waste, bird waste, moulds, and algae just to name a few. Naturally this journey leaves your water susceptible to multiple infections such as Giardia, Camplobacter, E-Coli, and Gastroenteritis that can make you violently ill and even potentially kill.


Simply cleaning your tanks is not enough because tanks will not stay clean particularly long - especially when the water that is filling them up is full of contaminants that have been built up on your roof and in your down pipes. Similarly, just installing an under or over the bench purifier isn’t really going to help the household as a whole in combating these waterborne pathogens. The kitchen water may be getting filtered, however the rest of the house where you brush your teeth and shower are going unfiltered.  Also the lifespan of these units can be compromised because of the excessive amount of strain they are put under, and then the filtration in your kitchen can become compromised before it should.


However, despite the fact that there are all these scary elements in our tank water, combating them and making our household water safe is actually fairly simple. A combination of different and painless approaches can be taken to fit all budgets so that your family is no longer at risk. At Pumpland we pride ourselves on educating people on how to make their household water safe, and providing these effective solutions quickly and economically.


Whilst there are a large and extensive variety of options, the four most popular options would be:


TANK DISINFECTION – This is the most cost efficient method for disinfecting water and killing waterborne bacteria and parasites. Both Steritank and AquaSafe are two options that will effectively disinfect your water; however it should be noted that this is only a temporary fix, especially because it is not advised to repeat this process regularly.


TWO STAGE FILTRATION – Whilst one stage filtration is technically feasible it is not advised because of the fact that it puts the lone filter under too much strain and this will cause it to slow your water pressure immensely, and the filter to need to be changed much sooner than it should. A two stage setup with at 20 micron Polypleated filter, followed by a 1 micron Polyspun filter will allow considerable flow to keep going through whilst prolonging the life of your filter, and taking out 99% of bacteria and removing cysts. This is a very common setup and for what it costs is the most economically effective.


MEMBRANE FILTRATION – A Hydrocycle membrane filtration system is a highly cost effective and thorough option for cleaning your water. Fully automated and self cleaning, the Hydrocycle uses membranes that have a pore size of 0.01 micron that eliminate 99.99% of impurities in the water including bacteria and viruses. 


ULTRAVIOLET DISINFECTION – The Steriflo UV system utilizes cutting edge ultraviolet technology and filtration to deactivate 99.99% of the bacteria and cysts floating around in your water. Used in conjunction with two stage filtration, a UV system is one of the most effective breakthroughs in water treatment technology. Fully automated and timed, the year long bulbs treat your water so that you don’t have to worry about what is travelling through your plumbing.


These options and many more are available through Pumpland. For an estimate on costs please just drop in to our store, call us on 0800 244 377, or email us at


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